Gossip: Juicy or Hazardous?

Gossip: Juicy or Hazardous?

Folks, Gossip: Juicy or Hazardous?

I’m writing this post to share my humanity and speak my commitment to: not gossip.

Periodically (when I am awake, aware and present to life), I  notice myself wanting to gossip and I hold myself back. And then there are times when I catch myself in the act.

I “know” when I’m gossiping. As I can feel it in my body. It feels dirty.

I’m a smart woman and there have been times when I will acknowledge it (as if acknowledging it makes it okay to continue to gossip).

Again, I’m writing this post to share with you that I am human and I am commited to: no gossiping.

This is what I look for:

Firstly, am I saying things about another that I normally would not say in their presence?

And secondly if Mrs. Catty is talking to me about Mrs. Ratty (in Mrs. Ratty absence) I can be sure that Mrs. Catty with also be talking about me (behind my back) to Mrs. Ratty.

It creates a mess.

And we are left with little or no trust,  broken hearts and strained relationships. The lack of communication or mis-communication leads to anger and resentment and finally illness.

Do not gossip.

Have a Happy Easter!

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