Hummus at Home

Hummus at Home

Making hummus using a mini food processor: IT’S WORTH THE EFFORT!!!

There are many ways to make hummus at home…

  • Some buy canned chickpeas others use the pressure cooker. Both work.
  • Plain hummus is good. Adding garlic is great. Yet another option is adding other herbs and flavors per your preference.

This is what works for me every time: When I want hummus, I set all the ingredients along with the mini food processor on the kitchen counter… hint, hint!! And my dear husband, Bill, whips it all together 🙂

At our home, we mostly cook from scratch!  Eating out is no longer an option.  It is not something I look forward to anymore. Since I love food and the experience of being served, instead of eating out I ask my husband, Bill, to cook (simple) things that I enjoy 🙂

Easy Hummus is just that! Simple-to-make and Awesome-to-taste!!! I get to Sit back and enjoy being served (for a change)!

I want my readers to Be Empowered to take simple actions and WOW themselves! 

We are all creatures of habit! Are you willing and open to discovering something new? Being Willing and Being Open to make tiny changes has a compounding effect and pays high dividends. Whether it is baby steps towards creating my exercise routine or planning my shopping and cooking that supports my body.

IT’S WORTH THE EFFORT!!! I use hummus as a dip with veggies and chips or a spread on a whole wheat wrap or home-made Indian Bread stuffed with your choice of a couple of these items (spinach, lettuce, red peppers, grape tomatoes, sprouts, olives, cucumbers). Choose whatever is readily available in your refrigerator.

COOKING IS SIMPLE. KEEP IT SIMPLE – Be encouraged to stay on Course! AT EVERY MOMENT WE HAVE A CHOICE: To keep it SIMPLE OR Make it COMPLEX 🙂 BE Kind to Yourself. Keep it Simple.

Have HAPPY thoughts while you cook. It is one of the secret ingredients that ENHANCES the flavor of your cooking, EVERY TIME!
The Easy Hummus Recipe

1 16 ounce can of chickpeas, drained
1 tea spoon Himalayan Pink Salt
2 ounces of fresh lemon juice
2 cloves of garlic
2 Table spoons sesame tahini or almond butter
2 ounces of water

Put all ingredients in the mini food processor. Grind until coarse or desired consistency.


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  1. Hi Shyama!

    Thank you for the text and the recipe and thinking of me. I cannot wait to try this. love you !

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